The Journey Begins

Before we embark on this journey, I should probably give a little bit of information about who I am/what this journey will be.

My name is Grace Morton. I am a student at Texas State University double majoring in English and Communication Studies (what does that mean? It means that I like to talk a lot and write even more, and get academic credit to do both. It also means that I get to break the rules of proper writing because I’m already well versed on the rules of proper writing.) I’m a weird combination of an artsy soul with a Type A personality. (Case example: I like to paint and create both visual and verbal art…but I hate when my art space isn’t well organized and cared for.) I think in visuals and sometimes these visuals become solidified through actual art, or written metaphors. Sometimes they become both. This also tends to be the way that God speaks to me the most – through mental images and symbols that help me interpret the world around me (see, this screams “artsy”)

Why am I writing this blog? The simple answer is; because I like to write things down, and over the past few years people have seemed to actually like reading what I write(Amazingly enough). I love engaging with people through sharing my thoughts, and hearing theirs in return. For a while I just word-dumped into long Facebook status updates; which was great, except it turns out that Facebook doesn’t like 300+ word posts. So, the next step seemed to be to organize it all into a blog.

Okay, so what’s this shenanigan about? One of my favorite words is “metanoia”, a noun for the changing of one’s mind, heart, journey, self or way of life. I have discovered that I am in a continued state of metanoia. I will never achieve homeostasis in this world – I’m constantly learning, growing, forming opinions, learning other things, changing my mind, and forming new thoughts. I’m continuously moving forward, directed by the One and only God of the universe, who guides me daily. This little “shenanigan” is the written journey of God leading me wherever He calls me.

Why should anyone read this blog? I want to say “because the theme looks cool and it has pretty pictures!” But the truth is, this blog is for people who are A.) curious about what I’m always doing behind the screen of my laptop (and why I simply give them a long look when someone asks “more homework?”) B.) Interested in learning about my own personal take on this life of faith that I’m walking through. or C.) You think the theme is cool and you like the pretty pictures. This is your chance to eavesdrop on the ponderings of my heart, the prayers I lift to God; sometimes as a whisper and sometimes as a battle cry.

I hope that through this blog, you will join me on the journey to the cross.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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