About Me – Grace Morton

My favorite way to describe myself is as “a medium-sized Communication ninja with zero chill.” (The part about having zero chill is odd because I happen to almost always have a BP level of 110/60…?)

I’m a young IMG_3090writer from South Texas (far enough south that you can float a penny in our tea, but not so far that I have moss growing on my trees) double majoring in English and Communication Studies at Texas State University. (What do I want to do with that? I’ll let you know when I find out. Probably study law or get my master’s so I can teach.)

I was homeschooled starting in pre-school all the way up through graduating from high school, and am the awesome middle child of three.

I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was four-years-old kneeling by my mother’s side in the house where I later grew up, then re-dedicated my life to the Lord when I was eleven. I don’t think that I wasn’t saved between my acceptance of Christ and my personal rededication, but I can testify that God’s interpersonal interaction in my life didn’t start until after I rededicated my life to Him and began my own personal relationship with Christ.

Throughout my life I have faced many dark seasons and challenges, including struggling with clinical depression and anxiety; causing me to learn to turn everything over to God’s hands from a young age.

The greatest challenge in my walk of faith came when my precious older sister died unexpectedly in her sleep due to seizures and heart failure the day before my 20th birthday. (Her death was not the result of substance abuse, but rather, a heart condition that she had most likely been born with.)

After her death my personal struggles with anxiety and depression were magnified – anxiety attacks were a daily event for me and would leave my body aching and exhausted from the stimulus overload. Insomnia took over and when I did sleep, nightmares would creep over my sleeping mind leaving fiery footprints in their wake. At first I was confident to keep my head above the “waves” of the storm around me, but as time went on my own efforts left me sinking. I dabbled in self-harm along with self-loathing and while I was seeing a therapist, I lied to everyone around me that things were fine and “God is good.” I share this with you now to first tell you that no matter the pit you are in, there is hope. Throughout my written journey on this blog I will be sharing more of my own story, but it was important to me that this “bite” of my story be included in my bio because what began as my greatest weakness has become my greatest strength.

This blog has been entitled after the Hillsong United song “Lead Me to the Cross”.